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need help with book on kiln and dryer problems

updated fri 4 sep 98


Cameron Harman on thu 3 sep 98

Hi folks,

In addition to the free ezine on kilns and dryers that many of you
read, I also write a column every month for Ceramic Industry
Magazine (Q and A on kilns and dryers). I am also writing a very
detailed book on both dryers and kilns covering both the
equipment and the process of drying and firing.

It would be silly of me to just write on my own experiences when
so many of you have had problems at one time or another. I am
asking for your help in submitting questions or examples relating
to drying and firing. With your help the articles and the book
will become more meaningful. Don't worry if you have a problem,
but no solution because finding the solution is what I do. If you
do have situations that you have resolved, I am interested in
those as well and I will pass them on to others to help them solve
similar problems.

If you have anything to contribute please email me directly,

Thanks in advance,


Cameron G. Harman, Jr. 215-245-4040 fax 215-638-1812
Ceramic Services, Inc 1060 Park Ave. Bensalem, PA 19020
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