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n re: pottery books in another language

updated sat 5 dec 98


Francoise Bazard on fri 4 dec 98

Hi Thonas,
Beeing french I can recommend you two magazines :
- one very smart, such as Ceramic Monthly, called "Revue de la Ciramique
et du Verre". They have a web site : and an e-mail :
- and an other one, much more humble, called "Terre de Relations" we are
making with some friends (benevolents) animating ceramic studios in
Alsace, near from Strasbourg, to encourage our "students" to know more
than their pots and the local production and to create a ling between
the fans of ceramic. You can have an idea of it connecting you to : it is the french site for ceramic. It will give
you names of french ceramic books too.

And to all Clayarters, anyway, if you want to write about american
ceramic in Terre de Relations : you are welcome. I can translate...

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