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musings before the fair

updated tue 13 oct 98 on mon 12 oct 98

Hi all,

Just catching up for a relaxing couple of hours before a big weekend
fair....Paradise City....on the way home 91 north was so packed with
leaf-peepers it was stop and go traffic for awhile.....amazing.....hope
they find some leaves it has been a weird fall season here, late
frost....that is good...and not much color.....that is not so good.....

Full of GOOD RESOLUTIONS about seeing the positive in the customers and
letting the rest fall away like water off the old people are
SO INSPIRING.....Tony Clennell you are a scream......will have to schlep
over to Ohio just to say howdy....

A customer came over to me while I was on a break in the shade at Ann Arbor
and asked me if I made butter dishes with eggplants on them. Well maybe I
can be excused as it was almost a hundred degrees out but I just laughed.
And now I just want to put eggplants on everything....the point is that
when a customer comes up with an idea I haven't thought of or wants a pot I
haven't got (many times when I'm sure I don't have it I find it the next
day) I should offer to take the person's name and phone number and say I'll
get back to them. So that will be my goal, and now I will go to sleep so
I'll have a chance to have what wits I've got about me.....

So it's hey, ho, off to the fair....Eleanora.....

Eleanora Eden 802 869-2003
Paradise Hill
Bellows Falls, VT 05101

"Never look down on anybody unless you're offering them a hand to help them
Pete Hamill's mom