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misting fountain

updated sun 2 dec 01


Tom Morris on tue 18 aug 98

I think I know what sort of fountain that was you saw with the mist coming
off the water surface. The misting is accomplished by vibration of the water
at about...if I remember right... 40 Khz?? with a piezoelectric transducer
either in a hole at the bottom of the vessel (most likely). This transducer
consists of a small metal disk coated with a compound on one side that
expands or contracts in response to the passing of current through its
surface. It sets up really short waves in the water (about 0.1 MM in
length!) that break the surface tension of the water and cause that neat
release of mist.
And, you can indeed make one of these fountains. Just transplant the works
of an ultrasonic humidifier to the bottom of a vessel with a hole in the
bottom... I guess you could glue the transducer and its little plastic
funnel thing it resides in to the bowl with aquarium silicone. The
humidifier's works will include a transformer and circut board you have to
hide though.

One warning though, do not operate an ultrasonic humidifier or a fountain of
this type near computer equipment. It works by mechanically separating water
droplets, not evaporating them, so these droplets will contain the minerals
in the water used.

Tom Morris in Miami, Florida. no humidifier needed here.

Debbie Jestin on sat 1 dec 01

Hi Nancy, Check out Graystone Creations, they sell fountain pumps, misters,
foggers, etc. for making fountains and ponds. The address is :