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minnesota mel/ spiders/kaboom!

updated thu 17 sep 98


tmartens on wed 16 sep 98

A very large planter (only thing in the kiln) exploded in the bisque,
I do mean exploded, it rocked the neighbourbood!
Now, Mel San has admitted to having trained spiders in my studio,
ready to go into action when I don't behave, this one was an
airbubble kiln spider.
Although I am pleased to know that it was no fault of mine that sent
my planter to smithereens heaven and I promised Mel I would not yell
at him. Now who could yell at Mel?
I did NOT say I would not warn clayarters to be good little potters
or who knows Mel's trained spiders could strike when you least expect
it! Gotta watch that man!
Toni, Darkest Africa, scene of loud Kabooms!