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michelle and potter's pallette book

updated mon 21 dec 98


Michele Jurist on sun 20 dec 98


Regarding the book the Potter's Pallette, I have had fair results at best
after very rigorous testing of the raku and ^04 recipes. Any recipes that
did test well were due to large adjustments on the oxide ratios. I actually
wrote to the authors in England via the publishers to see if I could locate
the frit she recommended in the book (high alkaline). I had the frit shipped
from England (huge shipping fees) and still did not have good results. This
book is extremely seductive due to the wonderful photos, but the actual
results are quite different. The oranges especially in the low-fire range
were almost impossible to replicate.

If you want any more specific advice, feel free to respond to me personally or
via clayart.

Michele in Seattle