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updated sun 9 dec 07


mark issenberg on sun 15 nov 98

Hey clayarters, I have a contract on my home here in Miami. I have to
move out Feb 1.I will be moving to Rising Fawn Ga. on top of Lookout Mtn.

If any of you were thinking of visiting do it soon. Miami is 80 during
the day and 70 at nite.I have a pool, but it is too cold for me but you
snowbirds would love it.

Ive been busy firing kilns , making pots for Ceramic Leauge of Miami fair
next weekend.If any of you Broward or Monroe county clayarters are
available come by for a visit.

Mark in Miami soon to be Mark on the Mtn.

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Diane Palmquist on sat 8 dec 07

Hi All,
I am taking a trip to Homestead,Fla. to visit my daughter who has =
a three month job in the Everglades and living in Homestead. Never been =
to Miami but will be! Along with the Keys of course(been there many =
times). But anyway does anyone have and recommendations for any clay =
related places? Museums,galleries or studios?