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mfa programs in the us

updated wed 16 sep 98


douglas gray on mon 14 sep 98

I have an odd request for those of you who teach or have attended a MFA program
in the United States. There is a gentleman here interested in pursuing a MFA
degree. He already has a MA in Ceramics and has been living as a professional
potter for about five years now. Things have changed in his life and he now
wishes to get a MFA in Ceramics so that he could possibly go into teaching at a
University setting.

The question is...

Can anyone recommend a MFA program where the bulk of the course work could be
done by correspondance, by internet and/or through independant study. He does
not wish to uproot his business, but there are no programs near by. He is
willing to commute to campus two or three times a semester as he works on the
degree. He is very willing to consider programs out of state (KY), but would
probably like to stay in the East Coast to Mid West regions.

Any leads, recommendations and advice would be appreciated.

Thank you,


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Douglas E. Gray, Assistant Professor of Art
P.O. Box 100547
Department of Fine Arts and Mass Communication
Francis Marion University
Florence, South Carolina 29501-0547

Jude Prashaw on tue 15 sep 98

Hello Douglas,
One MFA program available through correspondence is in Vermont, I
believe Norwich University. I know the university is on line
but I don't have the web site. If you can't find it contact
me and I'll do a little digging.