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making slides/photo catalogs & suppliers

updated sun 4 oct 98


Milton Markey on fri 2 oct 98

Hi Ernesto and other photography buffs!

Another source for inexpensive film and photographic supplies is Freestyle
Sales Co., in Los Angeles. I buy my slide film from them.

Here is how to contact Freestyle (catalogs are free):

Snail Address: 5124 Sunset Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90027

Milton MiltonsLin@AOL.COM

Marie Gibbons on sat 3 oct 98

Dear Clayarters ~
Regarding the thread on slides, I frequent a site ~ the World Arts
Association. This is a very cool site for artists of all kinds. There is a
chat area called New Canvas Chat, an e-zine called Visual Voices. In Visual
Voices there is a step by step article on photographing your work. It is
written by Graham Levi, of Australia, a photographer and digital artist. I
found it pretty easy to follow, the Sept. issue starts with the photography of
your work, and in Oct. it will be followed with transfering slides to cd's and
the ultimate destination of work for this article is to end up on the net. It
may be helpful to those wanting more info on photographing there own work.

the address for this site is:

this url will bring you to the chat page, if you look at the top bar, you will
see links to the other areas.

Even if your not looking for photography info (visual voices e-zine) you may
enjoy this site!

Marie Gibbons