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lo-fire -underglazes etc.

updated fri 4 dec 98


Tim Stowell on wed 2 dec 98

Look there have been a ton of questions lately regarding lo-fire stuff.
Everyone seems to want the easy answers..You have to at least
read the directions on the jars... try things experiment...I have no
problems with sharing information....God, knows I've received
enough help from this list and other people...But, I at least tried
things and read as many book and magazines as I could...Before
I started asking questions.
When you purchase underglazes look at the chip will show
you what the fired outcome will be. If you want something darker and
less watercolorlike...apply more coats...If you have a local supplier of
underglazes ask the..follow the directions on the jar...If you don't have

a local supplier look through the catalogs...Axner, Laguna,etc. If they
sell underglazes they have a nice full color chart...the directions are
on the jar to get the results you see in the charts.
I know this is preachy..and I know that those of you that know me know
that I love to share info and talk shop...I guess I'm just in a bad mood.
Read, Experiment, Take classes, Ask questions...I'll be more than
happy to help when I can, but, do a little homework first.
Lo-fire is easy (except for solving the crazing problem), the only thing
easier is wood firing (I'd through Pit-firing in there except you have to

dig the hole as well as chop the wood). If you really want to learn how
to do lo-fire take a hobby ceramics class with a bunch of older women.
They will show you more tricks and techniques than any potter even knows.
They'll teach you how to use different brushes, application techniques
you never dreamed of, and how to apply the underglazes so you get what
you want, and they'll show you how to have fun while your doing it. I've
actually taken one of these classes, but, I shared studio space with one
and boy did the ladies teach me things...and I taught them some stuff


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