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last word (?) on ann arbor

updated tue 25 aug 98


Diane Schanz on mon 24 aug 98

I've been to both the Bellevue Fair and the Ann Arbor Fair several times and
there is no comparison as to size. The Bellevue Fair would fit into one
corner of one of the Ann Arbor fair locations. This fair lasts for at least a
week, although my sister who lives in town swears it's a month :-). Not only
do the parking garages fill, but shopping mall parking lots, grocery store
parking lots, all of the side streets for miles, etc. Most people fill their
cars in the hopes that it will somehow make parking easier. The hotels and
motels fill up. This is something I've never seen in any other location. If
you ever decide to go, let me know and I'll put you in touch with family to
make your visit easier. Diane in Tucson.