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last sale....bit long

updated mon 7 dec 98


Peggy Heer on sat 5 dec 98

Dear Friends...I am inviting you all to what will probably be my last
pottery sale. It is my Second Christmas in the Country Show and Sale. I
will be featuring a young INUIT (Eskimo for those that do not know) who
will become one of the finest stone carvers in the Inuit carving tradition
in the coming years. He is already registered with the Canadian Government
as a traditional carver. He will be demoing his art and selling, I am
sure, his fine work during my sale. He has a web page and I will post his
page url for those who might be interested at a later date. He was just
getting the work done on it and I have not checked it out lately so it may
not be quite finished. He will be a 'great one' and it is my pleasure to
expose him to my customers and galleries at this sale.
He goes by his original Inuit name (via web page)....INUNG...which means
'my son.'
My sale is Sat Dec 5 and 6 and I hope you will all come. My last fire was
a great one so am glad I am going out with a good firing. ;>}}}

In the mid of Oct. ,I finally got back to a few hours a day into the
studio...made a few handbuilt pieces, slab and what-not and did a bit of
throwing. Was taking accup. to rebuild my missing muscles and it was
working like a I worked harder at physio...hurt my self about mid
Nov and went to get it checked out...Found...another Sarcoma
big as the last one so didn't quite make the 2 - 3 years possible.
There is nothing that can be done....amputation is the only answer and then
it is not fool proof....they would have to remove allll of my right side
including my shoulder and arm with NOOOO garantees. SOOO I have opted to
work hard to get my body to deal with the sarcoma....if it dosent'
work...then that is that. It is growing fast so not much time, the Drs.
say. Wellll.... WE will see about that, I say. ;>}}}} I am already
planning new work in Jan.
PLEASE...PLEASE...this message does not require the world to
answer...although I appreciated more than I can say, all the clayarters
that sent me cards, letters, gifts, and prayers in March. I will TAKE all
the prayers you can muster
Sooo my question is
What kind of pots would you make if you were going to die tomorrow??????
PS...I will be shipping my ceramic books...when I make some money at my
sale and get all my buisness finished, to the clayarters I promised them
to....sending out mugs as promised to one I owe and will be frequenting
Clayart again with allll my favorite recipes....have put them up before but
will again....and anything else I can think of that will benifit the list.

I will not speak to my little problem again.
Thanks for listening dear friends and new last goal is to
get published in CM...any good writers out there????

Peggy Heer / Heer Pottery E-Mail
52120 Range Road 223
Sherwood Park, AB. Canada T8C 1A7
Phone (403) 922-6270

Joyce Lee on sun 6 dec 98

I began pottery as a Peggy Heer fan early on...Peggy, Dannon, Francoise,
June, Karen...these were my role-models from my first visits to Clayart.
Can I not pick 'em? Of course, many others, including guys naturally,
have been added to my list but these were the originals. I feel as the
rest of you do...that Peggy's plight breaks my heart..renders me almost
unable to focus on the simple thoughts needed to communicate my
feelings, much less write them for the world to see...but I think my
friend Peggy deserves better than that from us, soooo in compliance with
her wish............If I had been a successful production potter AND an
artist for many years, as Peggy has, I would now create ONLY the pots
that were absolutely meaningful to me and which I wanted to be my legacy
to the world, and not be concerned about selling, or pleasing my
customers or gallery owners, or producing museum-worthy Peggy
has already repeatedly proven she could do. Knowing how much Peggy's
family means to her, I would also make a few pots just for each of them
to their specifications, if possible. I would wallow in as much
sentimentality as I could muster and put something personal...a mark...a
note...a drawing... on each pot...something to be cherished by
Peggy-fans for generations to come.
I would create a special pot, containing a message written on clay, to
be buried on my property, so that decades from now it might surface and
reveal that a potter lived and worked in this spot.

This isn't much and it's overly-simplified but it's the best, most
honest response I can give. Sooo, sweet, generous, talented, funny
Peggy, let us know what pots YOU would choose to create.

In the Mojave full of deep respect, admiration and affection for a
friend of all potters everywhere...makes you proud to be a human,
doesn't it?