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lark's ceramic design book with bated breath)

updated fri 30 oct 98


Bacia Edelman on thu 29 oct 98

At least a couple weeks ago I wrote to Chris Rich, editor at Lark books, and
forwarded her reply to Clayart. She had written that all the free copies to
people whose work would appear in the book were going out the following Monday.

I was good and patient and did not write or phone her after that, but today,
Oct. 28th, this post came in:
From: Chris Rich
Subject: setbacks!
Dear Bacia:

Just wanted to let you know that the books are just now going out in small
batches. The Post Office had told us that we could use some surplus
Priority Mail boxes we had on hand...and then, after we'd wrapped all the
books in these boxes, they told us we COULDN'T use that packaging! So every
box is being painstakingly rewrapped. Am so sorry for the delay!

Chris Rich
So-o-o, hold your breath no longer. Just let it OUT!
Cheers, Bacia Edelman Madison, WI