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laguna cone 5 bmix

updated thu 15 oct 98


Michael R. Wardell on wed 14 oct 98

we have been using this for about a year, firing to cone 5-6 (cone 7 in the
sitter). it holds up just fine, and in fact, we overfired a kiln, and
other than it becoming porcelaneous (sp?), it was just fine. it was a
bisque firing where the sitter jammed and the timer didn't work, and it
probably got up around cone 9-10, we even warped a couple shelves. i like
the clay, and it is very tight at cone 6 (we use it for fountains). i
would also recommend the miller 65, which is a cone 5-6 white stoneware.
throws as well as the bmix, but a little more forgiving when putting on
handles - the bmix has to be dried very slowly. good luck.
michael wardell
wardell pottery