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kilns off the ground

updated thu 7 jan 99


mel jacobson on wed 6 jan 99

according to feriz`, kilns that sit on concrete pads, or are
locked into concrete blocks with `wonderboard` etc.
cannot breath on all sides.

he calls it `getting the dew point right`...that is, when
all parts of the chamber, posts, shelves, pots, brick, all.
get to the magic place of the cone you desire.
he say`s, and i quote him, not me......i just listen and
try to learn.
`a kiln that has all sides open to the air will reach
a more perfect dew point, quicker, better, with less fuel.`
our kiln at the farm fires quicker, better, with a great deal
less fuel.
we have smarter people than i, with degrees in
engineering that can help us with the technical explainations.
i just know that it works....just like itc 100, it works.
feriz` is an inventor, innovator and generally crazy about
kilns.....i just follow orders. (and he is bossy)
we have a great deal to learn about kilns......and i am doing
all in my power to leave this world with better kilns, and better
ways of doing things....i am very proud of my technique of setting
the kiln on expanded works, is safe, and keeps the
base of the kiln 1/4 inch off the breathes....and feriz` is happy
with me....and nils seems to like the idea too.
so, come to the clayart room at nceca, i have asked feriz
to hang out there, and chat about kilns to anyone that will
listen.....and many others that know stuff will be hanging out
there, nils, ron, dannon, vince, and about 50 other real
`smartypants `boys and girls that will make nceca a better time
for all.
as it should be.
you all have a place in the clayart room.