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japanese clay workshop in tacoma wa

updated tue 19 jan 99


Richard mahaffey on mon 18 jan 99

Hello Fellow Clayarters,
he follwoing is information about a Japanese Pottery workshop at Tacoma
Community College, sponsored by teh TCC Clay Club.

On February 27, and 28 there will be a wrokshop presented by Wasaburo
Takahashi of Toukshima, Japan at Tacoma Community College.

Wasaburo Takahashi was an apprentice for Naokata Ueda, an Important
Cultural Treasure, of Shigagaki, and was personal apprentice to Uichi
Shimizu of Kyoto, a Living National Treasure. Takahashi has been
operating his own studio in his hometown of Kamojima,Tokushima Prefecture
Japan for amny years.

Takahashi has exhibited in over 25 individual shows thrugh out Japan and
many many group and juried shows in Japan. His current work places
primary focus on glaze surfaces and form. Wasaburo has been working on
iron glazes for many years and has done over 30,000 glaze tests (yes
that's right, thirty thousand). Takahashi's glazes include a dark
Celadon with heavy Fish scale crackle, a Tenmoku with Red Iron crystals
that is based on his study of Chinese glazes, a Thick white that is places
over various dark glazes.

Wasaburo Takahashi is warm and generous, and willing to share his
expereinces. He is an excellent potter. Probabally the best potter that I
have ever seen. I have seen him throw 300 cups and trim 300 more in one
day. I have seen him throw large and small pieces with equal facility.

The schedule is for Takahashi to make pots on Saturday and to trim pots on
Sunday. In addition he may demonstrate some glazing techniques. The cost
will be determined soon, but should be under $50.00 for the two days.

Please contact me for further info. by email at:

Rick Mahaffey
Tacoma Community College Art Department
Building 9
6501 So 19th street.
Tacoma, WA 98566