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i have done the rochester mi show

updated sun 10 jan 99


Carolynn Palmer on sat 9 jan 99

I twice did the show in the pavilion on the grounds in back of Meadowbrook
Hall at Rochester, MI. It was 5 or 6 years ago and at that time I had decent
sales with my functional pottery - it is an affluent area and the customers
were mostly upper class knowledgeable buyers. I would say, for those two
years, there were 3000 to 5000 buyers, it is hard to estimate actual numbers.
However, my fellow exhibitors were mostly country crafts, dried floral,
pillows, painted pine wall pieces, etc. The facility is nice and quite
interesting. I would say, that if you lived nearby, and no overnight stay was
involved, it would be worth a try.
Carolynn Palmer, Somerset Ctr, Michigan