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help! homeowners insurance cancelled

updated tue 3 nov 98


Dai Scott on mon 2 nov 98

Hi, Pamela. I've had kilns (electric) in my various homes for 20 years,
mostly in an attached studio (with no firewall between studio and living
area), but recently in the basement. This basement has cement walls only up
about 15" or so and the rest is finished in drywall. I have always told my
insurance agents that I had a kiln (or kilns) and it has always been a part
of my insurance coverage. I can't imagine what your insurance company is
thinking! As long as the kilns are placed a safe distance from the walls
and the electrical has been inspected, and all that jazz, what could be the
problem? I think you should instruct your agent to find you another
insuring company. There are lots of them out there, and he should get his
ass moving to find one that will insure you for as reasonable a premium as

Good luck!!

Dai Scott in Kelowna, B.C. where the branches and leaves have all dropped
off our "Tree of Heaven" in one day. The first autumn that it happened, I
thought the tree had been vandalized!

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