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hard wired kiln

updated wed 8 mar 06


jack on tue 22 dec 98

It has been my experience that electrical fires may occur in the plug
socket. The plug and socket are areas of oxidation from moisture or
other causes (electrolysis (think of the battery terminals of your car)
a greenish deposit is indicative of this occurrence). When this happens
it causes increased resistance and more amps and more heat and so on
etc... presto smoke fire etc....This is the only reason (outside of
theft) that I can think of to hardwire a kiln. I would also think that
you could contact the manufacturer about the warranty or perhaps just
cut off the plug to avoid the conflict. The 2 kilns that I saw this
happen to were heavily used in abusive group studio situations. All this
being said I would use the plug.
sincrely, jak

mel jacobson on tue 7 mar 06

there is a great deal of confusion as to
`how to hard wire`.

if your kiln is in close proximity to your service
box, it is very easy to run the wires into the box
and directly into the circuit breaker.
that to me is hard wired.

it is not soldering it to the box.

i would think if you are twenty feet away, you would
run a nice piece of number 6 wire or so to another
box, add another circuit breaker, or just an on/off.

that too can be wired directly.

many just use a dryer connection.
and, that is ok...but it does get dirty.
dirty connections causes up
of carbon and then it blows out and melts the connection.

most failure with wiring comes from those dryer connections.

it is very easy if the kiln must be un/hooked to simple
remove the breaker, take out the wires.
slide them from the main box.

the big issue in most cases is getting very tight connections
and clean, well polished wires. same for dryer connections.

it is good to take out the male end, and polish the metal.
need we suggest you turn off the power first..
i never move my electric kilns...why would i?
when i work on electric kilns i always use
colored tape over the circuit breaker on /off.
and, a note on the box...WORKING ON KILN.

"Luck is prepaid."
from: mel/