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groovy cool adhesive bandages (another product)

updated sat 12 sep 98


Marc Kiessling on fri 11 sep 98

Hi Cheryl:
There is also a product out called Rubber Finger Cots (Realmont is one
brand name). They come in 3 sizes, Sm, Med, and Lg. They are the equivalent
to a finger condom in shape. I've worn them over a standand band-aid. Even
gone in swimming with them on, and no leaks.
When I discovered them in the pharmacy years back, I made the mistake
of asking the lady pharmacist which size she thought I might need. We both
looked at each other and busted out laughing. 10 minutes latter we were
still rolling in laughter in the band-aid isle to the stares of the other
custumers. Who says shopping can not be fun?
Marc (Victoria, B.C., Canada)

>----------------------------Original message----------------------------
>Just before I went out to glaze yesterday I managed to slam an X-acto blade
>into a small artery in my finger... egads... nothing unusual there ... I'll
>live of course... but nurse spouse was aghast when after I got it to stop
>bleeding I wondered out loud if maybe I'd seal the wound up with super glue
>to keep glaze out as previous glaze sessions with band-aids taped up to be
>waterproof, gloves etc always ended up with me being inconvenienced all day
>with some goofy arrangement on my hand and still end up with a wound full of
>glaze at the end of the day ... not good. He looked at me like I was insane
>and went off to the store for something else and came back shortly with a
>big grin and adhesive bandages potters have always dreamed of... no
>kidding. They are truly waterproof, I had my hands in glaze and washed
>frequently all afternoon and evening and the thing stayed on with no special
>attention at all, no glaze got in and I forgot it was even there. They're
>called "Clean Seals," 3M brand. They amount to a small pad with a
>plastic-wrap-like thin adhesive surround that bends and stretches and
>remains sealed. I think they'd even stand up to a day of throwing. Thought
>maybe others of you who sometimes stab yourselves with sharp objects and
>don't stand in stores searching for the newest wound care technology would
>like to know.
>Charleston, SC