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fredericson kiln on wings

updated fri 30 oct 98


Reid Harvey on thu 29 oct 98

I can't recall who it was who came on about the attributes of a
Frederickson kiln, but would like to add my 2 cents. Freddies test kiln
is far and away the most valuable tool I have as a ceramist.

Dave Frederickson makes them very affordable for the Alfred students,
Another great feature is the large interior, 8x8x6 inches high. This
makes it possible to fire not only test bars but small prototypes. When
I got my kiln the first thing I did was to build a plywood box, suitable
for flying. So far I've flown the kiln to Sudan, Kenya, Guinea and now
the Ivory Coast. It would not be possible to do tests in these kinds of
places without taking a kiln along.

And because knowing the availability of energy is also a big problem I
cut a hole in the bottom of the kiln for a venturi burner. It operates
on either electricity or gas.

Other must have items for this kind of work include various cones, a
gram scale and sometimes sieve screens, but the little Frederickson has
proven to be invaluable again and again. I bring along extra elements
and the controls are the same as what's used for an oven. Simplicity

Reid Harvey