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updated fri 14 aug 98


Candise Flippin on tue 11 aug 98

Hi all!
I was out shopping with a friend this weekend and saw a wonderful fountain that
appeared to have steam rising from the water. The basin was glass and a tag
indicated that vibration of the bowl broke down the larger molecules of water an
thus created the mist. This concept tickled my imagination, but I suspect there
is more to creating this effect. Does anyone have ideas about how this is
accomplished? Special pump, special connection between pump and base, etc???

Thank you in advance. Candise in muggy San Diego.

Keith Chervenak on wed 12 aug 98

Hi Candise,

My guess would be that they are using an ultrasonic generator, similar to
those found in non-heat type room humidifiers. I've never seen them sold
indiviually before but like everything else, I'm sure they are out


Keith Chervenak
Case Western Reserve University
Department of Medicine
Division of Infectious Diseases
Cleveland, Ohio U.S.A.

Sandra K. Tesar on thu 13 aug 98

When I visited a massage therapist and known art lover, she had several
wonderful fountains and the one that captivated me had the "mist" or
"steam" effect as well as the water. I asked her about it and she said
the artist she bought it from had capsules that you put in...I think it
was every so many days to get the effect. I don't know much more than
that. She had whatever it was you needed to create the effect.

Sandra on Keel Mountain
weary from Ann Arbor, Asheville and already this weekend's Grosse Pointe
Tile Show.....

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