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florida keys

updated tue 15 apr 08


Albert Weinhardt on tue 17 nov 98

Dear Clayart Friends,
Okay, okay... I know. Winter's coming and everyone will think this is
just another "I can't stand another winter" fantasy, but I am interested in
finding out from people who know what it's like living in the Florida Keys. Is
it practical to do clay down there? Suppliers, etc. Cost of living?? Natural
gas or propane? or will I be confined to electric? I would guess wood-firing
is out of the question??? Also.... My wife is an elementary school teacher.
Jobs. Public or private schools??? Cost of housing? When not up to my elbows
in clay, I am a chef/cook/caterer/food type person. I am guessing there are
lots of restaurant opportunities. Yes? Please feel free to e-mail me privately
I'm an inquiring mind and I want to know.

Theodore Banton on wed 18 nov 98

I was just down in the Keys this past summer and I recommend finding someplace
else to live. I met one potter with a gallery while I was down there. The
closest supply company is over two hours away. I believe you would be working
with propane while down there, but the price is over-inflated.

I don't know about jobs, but the cost of living is ridiculous and there really
isn't a market for potters down there.

Ted from St. Augustine

Mildred on mon 14 apr 08

We are going to the Florida Keys for two weeks and I was wondering =
if there is anyone in the Marathon area with whom I could talk "pots". =
Mildred Herot