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firing sinks?

updated sun 8 nov 98


Penny Hosler on sat 7 nov 98

Hi - I have a mid-fire newbie question. I've made a stoneware sink and =
it upside down to =5E06. I'll decorate, glaze and fire to =5E6. It has a =
wide fluted rim and obviously I'll have to fire it right side up after =
but do I need to support the rim somehow during the =5E6 firing? I can cut =
soft brick as props if necessary if that would help to prevent warping. =
exactly how soft does stoneware get at that temp?)
I really really really don't want to screw this up. Of course now I'm =
that some people are putting low-fire glazes on =5E8 bisqued sinks and it's
working. I almost thought I was getting a clue until now. Never a dull

Penny in WA