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favorite craft show story

updated sat 28 nov 98


The Buchanans on fri 27 nov 98

Many MANY years ago when I was a young potter and they were rare in my
area I often took a wheel to shows in an effort to educate . One afternoon =
was approched by an elderly gentleman. ''Where are the molds'' he asked
looking at a wareboard full from the mornings demos. ''I don't use molds,''=
said ,'' these were made on this wheel''. '' No ''. he said , I know how
made, you got to have molds.'' ''This is a different kind of pottery,'' I =
me show you''. I run through my routine ,complete with patter, and as I =
a bud vase to the board he gives the wheel a little kick ''you're hiding =
molds in this box '' He says and walks away. The lesson of this story ,
Ignorance is a curable condition, arrogant ignorance isn't. Let us continue =
learn from one another, Judi B.