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fast firing kilns

updated fri 9 oct 98


John H. Rodgers on wed 7 oct 98

-- [ From: John H. Rodgers * EMC.Ver #2.5.02 ] --

I have been picking up bits and pieces of info from the list that tell me
that very fast firing is definitely a thing that can be done. Like 2 to 3
hours. This raises all kinds of possibilities. I suspect that small kilns
are used for such and I am wondering just how small these may be. I would
like to convert an old electric(Duncan) to a propane gas fired cone 10
kiln by putting a layer of K26 in the bottom and lining the thing with
refractory fiber, then spraying with ITC. Would install one or two venturi
gas burners through the bottom or sides so essentially it would be an
updraft kiln, just venting through the top. Would like to be able to fast
fire this. Present configuration is 19 inches deep and 23 inches across.
Interior would be small by the time I am done, but should be quite workable.
Hopefully it will allow me some specialty reduction work.

Would appreciate any comment or suggestions, cautions, etc.


John Rodgers
Drivin' a new Vanagon in Alabama

Marc Ward on thu 8 oct 98

John wrote:

<<<are used for such and I am wondering just how small these may be.>>>>

The size of the kiln is not as important as the BTU/CF/Hr (BTU's per cubic
foot per hour). I once fired my 60 cubic foot kiln ( lightly loaded) to cone
10 in 40 minutes. Sort of like when you were young and stupid and wanted to
see just how fast dad's car could go....

Marc Ward
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