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effects of paperclay on elements

updated fri 16 oct 98


The Kiln Gods on wed 14 oct 98

>After reading about the effect of various things burning in the electric
kiln, I have wondered if the use of paper clay could cause any damage to

Hi Phyllis,
Paperclay does harm elements.
We had a customer that had a kiln with one element in the lid only. She
kept burning out elements after 1 or 2 firings (never more). After
supplying 2 elements at no charge
& inspecting every aspect of her firing procedures, she mentioned the clay
she was using is actually paperclay. Sure enough, that was the problem. She
still does paperclay in that kiln but now uses an Orton downdraft vent. We
haven`t heard from her since.
Chris @
Euclid's Kilns and Elements
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Linda Blossom on thu 15 oct 98

I have been firing paperclay for at least 8 months now. In fact I won't =
without it added to my clay (pulp). I have not seen any problem with my
elements or a slowing down of my firing time. I single fire with my firings
lasting 17 hours. The only effect on the time is the amount of refractory =
the kiln. My elements are coated with itc 100 and 296a.

Linda Blossom
2366 Slaterville Rd.
Ithaca, NY 14850