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dannon's workshop in bc

updated fri 28 aug 98


Shelford on thu 27 aug 98

I've had to be away from the computer for the last two days, and came back
to Dannon's delightful and generous panegyric on BC. Well I can only say,
the delight was entirely mutual. We all SO enjoyed meeting her, and her
workshop was wonderful. If you have the opportunity to attend one of hers,
grab it!

Seeing her put together those marvellous pots was riveting, and in her quiet
way she held everyone's attention with a steady flow of anecdotes and
philosophy, great tricks of the trade (what she does with an old sock is
downright brilliant), fascinating and thought-provoking tidbits of
information, bound together always with her unpretentious wisdom and
considerable experience. She is easy to talk to, never fails to answer
questions cheerfully and thoughtfully. We knew she would be a good teacher,
from her contributions to clayart, but good is a totally inadequate word -
she is a wholly gracious person, and grace and intelligence enlighten
everything she teaches.

You know the tiny teapots she spoke about in CM last year? Well we saw
about a dozen of them, and they are just wonderful - perfect, and perfectly
functional, little gems. And they are just about the most wildly impressive
"glaze tests" you're ever likely to see........

She made a very large jug which I am nursing until the next tozan firing -
it is an entirely, totally satisfying piece. And a coffee pot people were
fighting over. And those big double walled ceremonial bowls have such
presence and are such a technical tour-de force.

Now, maybe if we fire one of those in the Tozan, then fill it up with
blackberries, we can lure her back........

Thank you Dannon, from all of us "up here"

- Veronica
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