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dannon's paper bag saggar

updated sat 26 sep 98


Candice Roeder on fri 25 sep 98

Thank you, Dannon, for sharing your paper bag saggar firing technique
with Clayart. (see archives)

I do pit firing regularly, but have been interested in trying saggar
firing. I've had no luck with a kiln brick saggar, but the slipped
paper bag worked great!

I used some dry salt-soaked straw, some hemlock trimmings, goldenrod,
assorted weeds, and some copper sulfate sprinkled in the bottom. The
slip on hand was porcelain. I used about 4 layers of newspaper. I
fired to witness cone 012 in a portable fiber raku kiln over about 2

I got some charcoal black, light green, cranberry, and rust colors, with
markings from the plants. I used white stoneware clay bisqued to 06.

I've been looking for something fun to share with my class...and we'll
try it this weekend. Thanks so much for sharing your technique.

Candice Roeder
under cloudy Michigan skies