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consignment laws, your state

updated fri 27 nov 98


lpskeen on thu 26 nov 98

Recently, I posted a note to this group asking for help figuring out
what to do about the work I have consigned with DiversityOut Gallery in
Atlanta, GA. I left 12 or so pieces there the last weekend of June,
1998. Since that time, I have been paid in full for one piece, and half
for another piece that was put on layaway. I have heard NADA from them
since July, even though I have sent email every month and called 3
times. They don't even acknowledge my existence, and since I live 6
hours from Atlanta, I can't tell if my pots are even out on display in
the gallery like they're SUPPOSED to be.

In discussing this case with others via private email, it was pointed
out that there really is no way for us to know what the consignment laws
are in other states, because we don't live there. I think it is
important for us to know this information, and that it should be part of
the listserve FAQ wherever possible.

To that end, I am asking that someone, ANYONE, at least one person from
each state, find out what the laws are regarding consignment of
merchandise/artwork in your state, and forward that information to me.
I will compile the information and forward to the keeper of the FAQ if
it is possible to do so depending on the AMOUNT of information
available. (ie: if it's gonna take forever and 2gigs of computer space
to record the information, we'll just keep a hard copy here and anybody
who has a question can gimme a shout via email.)

My snail mail address is as follows:
Lisa Skeen
8406 Hudson James Road
Summerfield, NC 27358

I will notify the list as this thing comes together.
Lisa Skeen ICQ# 15554910
Living Tree Pottery & Soaps
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