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consignment agreements

updated tue 25 mar 03


R. Everett on wed 30 dec 98

Can anyone help me out?

I am attempting to write what I think is a fair approximation of a
consignment agreement, but never having seen one I am at a bit of a loss.

I would love to know what kind of agreements other people have either
written or signed, and what things you think are important to include. What
would you put in such an agreement, if you were going to sign it and write
the thing for the shop which will be displaying your art?

The agreement I am writing is not specifically for pottery. It is from the
standpoint of the shop, whose primary function is not the sale of art. We
are a cybercafe that wants to get the community involved in a creative way,
one of those ways being through art for display or consignment.

Any tips or input are appreciated. Somehow sending me an actual copy of a
consignment agreement would be wonderful. Perhaps by fax?

Thank you much,
Fax (805) 349-1220

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Steve Eelkema on thu 5 sep 02

I'm looking for a good consignment agreement that covers the necessary
issues but doesn't get too bogged down in legalize.


Steve Eelkema

Loran Hill on mon 24 mar 03

I have need of a simple agreement format for the work I place in
consignment shops, specificaly concerning breakage. If someone can e-mail
wording I'd like to use it for an openhouse event this Friday.