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cm clay trap design

updated thu 17 dec 98


C. A. Sanger on wed 16 dec 98

Addendum to my last note: My spouse, who built the trap I mentioned,
reminded me that the fiberglass/needlepoint canvas filter inside the
bucket tended to 'flop' when running water through in large amounts.
So, at my suggestion, he stiffened it by using fine copper wire to
attach it to a common paper-plate holder, the kind that looks like a
wheel with spokes and cost about a dime. He cut a hole in the center to
fit the pipe through. Solved the 'flop' problem. I suppose the filter
may be overkill, but if you have students or children in your studio
someone will eventually wash large clumps of clay down the drain.
They'll catch on the screen instead of clogging the outlet pipe.

C. A. Sanger
ShardRock Clay Studio
319 North C
Herington, KS 67449