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updated sat 28 nov 98


Anderson Turner on thu 26 nov 98

Hello Clayart folks,

We have an exciting new addition to our website:
It's an article index. Now, if you're looking for an article about or by a
particular artist and can't remember when that article was published. You
can search for the title or the author's last name of every feature from
every issue of Ceramics Monthly since 1953. Come to our site and look under
Article Index.

Hope you like it!


Anderson Turner
Assistant Editor
Ceramics Monthly
Ceramics Monthly Magazine
735 Ceramic Place
P.O. Box 6102
Westerville, Ohio 43086-6102

Karen Gringhuis on fri 27 nov 98

Anderson - the CM index on your website sounds great - question:
is it only an index of articles about various artists/authors or
does it include all articles indexed by subject/topic?
Karen Gringhuis

Larry Phillips on fri 27 nov 98

Anderson Turner wrote:

> We have an exciting new addition to our website:
> It's an article index.

A few days ago, I spotted a wonderful product in the software section
of a local store. It was a 31 CD set of National Geographic,
representing 109 years of the magazine, the full set. Needless to say,
I was impressed, and it made me think that it would be great to have the
same thing for magazines that I could get more use from, such as CM. In
ceramics, especially, early issues are not obsolete.

Any chance you folks are working on something like this?

> Hope you like it!

I have no doubt that I will, but I just pottery as a hobby a few years
ago, and I don't have a lot of back issues.

I like deadlines. I especially like the whooshing sound of them
as they go flying by.

Veena Raghavan on fri 27 nov 98

To:Anderson Turner,
I think it is terrific that you have made this index available
online. What a great resource. But I do have an appeal to make to CM. When
it comes to obtaining reprints or copies of articles or columns from old
editions of the magazine (where copies of the issue are no longer
available) you suggest contacting Information Access Company or University
Microfilms. Some time ago, I tried obtaining information by mail from both
of these on a column I was interested in and received no reply or
acknowledgement. I must admit, I did not try again.
It would be wonderful to have easy access to articles in your older
issues, and I wonder if there is an easier method to obtain these. Most of
us have very little spare time to spend on following up and get discouraged
when we get no response.
Hope there is an easier way. Thanks in advance for any advice or
Hope everyone on Clayart had a wonderful Thanksgiving, or will have this
evening, if you are an evening person like my me and my family.
Veena Raghavan