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updated sun 6 sep 98


Frank Tucker on sat 5 sep 98

..At 07:39 PM 9/1/98 +0100, you wrote:
>I asked Mr. Mudd to offer my friends on Clayart a deal. So here it is! If
>you subscribe before Sept 17 you get 5 issues for the price of 4. I guess
>it adds up to a 20% discount. Mention the word "Clayart" for the discount.
>I'm hoping you will pick up the mag, take me to task and keep me honest.
>You've done a pretty good job so far.
>Fight, big fighter, fight!
>P.S Contact is a great read. Who else would take a chance on me????
>Contact - 1-800-315-0857
Hi everyone,
Once again I am taking the risk of sounding like a salesman but Tony is
correct for once.We are happy to make this offer of 5 issues for the price
of 4 to members of Clayart.Just click on
for information on how to subscribe.Please mention Clayart.
Contact Ceramics Magazine is edited by Barbara Tipton who many of you know
from her years at CM and her two books.
The coming issue will have articles on John Neely's wood kiln in Logan
,Utah, a potter's trip to China,the San Angelo,Texas competition,Quebec
potters,along with lots more.
If you would rather not subscribe over the net just call 1-800-315-0857.

Have a great long weekend!

Frank Tucker