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updated thu 17 dec 98


"Terry Sullivan/Nottingham Center for the Arts. San Marcos," on wed 16 dec 98

I don't mean to bypass the list moderator(s) but feel these notes need posting
and will be usefull to all.

PLEASE sign your post. Most of us don't know who you are from your email
address and it's nice to know at least the first name. Would ya send a letter
without signing it ????

Often the conversation on a Subject thread gets way off onto other, sometimes
personal, subjects. So how about changing the Subject line to reflect what is
actually being discussed. Saves the rest of us the time to pull up the post
and find out it has nothing to do with the subject line.
Example: my original post on "Microwaves etc. " has evolved into posts which
have nothing whatsoever to do with that subject.

How about keeping personal responses personal. I mean email the person
directly instead of on the list. Especially if the person specifically
requests responses to be made directly.
Typical Generic Example: " Fred, I couldn't agrree more. The fair is great and
I intend to go again next year. George" WHAT ??? Try comming into one of
these and having no clue what it's about or why it's on the list.

Last, but not least, I'm a bit dissapointed with you fellow Clayarters.
We here at Nottingham are a devoted group of ceramists working for nothing to
create a studio ceramics non-profit art center. The only one in So. Calif.
Recently I posted a request for help and advise in finding future workshop
presenters for our 99 season and beyond.
The response was miniscule ! Jean Lehman was quite helpful with over two
dozen email letters but this was double the rest of the responses from you

So how about it folks.... there must be hundreds of great presenters and
workshop expiriences in our collective memory. So..............Please !!

Please respond off list to and ( both ).
( Cara is incharge of getting all the stuff together on workshops here)


Terry Sullivan
Nottingham Center for the Arts
San Marcos, CA