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clayart discounts

updated fri 18 sep 98


Clennell on thu 17 sep 98

I mentioned a week or two ago that I arranged a 5 issues for the price of 4
with Ceramics Contact magazine for Clayarters if they subscribed before
Sept 17 - that's tomorrow. Visit their web site
As a writer for them, I promise to be controversial! My line is- if you
can't take the heat, get out of the kiln shed!
Here is my idea about Clayart discounts. As Minnesota Mel indicated I am
the mouth piece and sheila keeps our pottery afloat. In other words I can
hardly administer my piggy bank.
Clayart is a group of probably 3000 people. Smart business people like Marc
Ward and Steve Branfman recognize the power of this group. Not only is
there a large #, they all talk. They keep their ears to the mouse and give
great advice and in turn get business. They also show up at the Clayart
room at Necca. How about a Clayart discount card? Has anyone ever thought
of it???? Is this old news, that my clay impregnated brain has missed.
Mel has arranged donors for the Clayart room, food and soft drinks. these
donors recognize that this is money well spent. Even if all Clayarters
don't go to Necca they will hear about it on clayart.
Is there an administrator out there?
P.S So dissapointed when I found out JLs post entitled "Angel Eyes" wasn't
about me.

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