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ceramics conference news

updated sun 13 sep 98


ACRO on sat 12 sep 98

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international conference will be held at the Field Museum, Chicago between
October 23 and 25, 1998. Papers will include "Turmoil and Change: 155h
Century Asia and Ceramics" (Chuimei Ho & Malcolm Smith); "Southeast Asian
Design Motifs and Their Historical Context" (Hiram Woodward); "15th Century
Korean Ceramics" (Kim Young-won); "Vietnam and Vietnamese Ceramics in the
15th Century" (Trinh Cao Tuong); "15th Century Chinese Ceramics made at
Private Kilns" (Ouyang Shibin); "Key Ceramic Production Sites of the 15th
Century in the Lanna Region, Upper Northern Thailand" (Sayan Prishanchit);
"Ten Thousand Dragons: Ceramic Production in Southeastern China" (Peter
Holmes); "Trading Ships of the South China Sea in the 15th-16th Centuries
A.D." (Pierre-Yves Manguin); "A Technological Context for 15th Century
Ceramic Production" (Pamela Vandiver); "14th-16th Century Southeast Asian
Ceramics" (Miyata Etsuko); "Ceramic Production in Central Vietnam (Vijaya):
Internal Motivations and External Influences" (Allison Diem); "Recent
Research on 15th Century Chinese Ceramics and Related Problems" (Hsieh
Ming-liang); "The Tea Ceremony and Ceramic Utensils of 15th Century Japan"
(Arakawa Massaki); "An Approach to the Enigmas: Observations from Hakata's
Archaeological Data" (Morimoto Asako); "Evidence in Southeast Asia for a
Ming Gap Involving Chinese Blue-and-White Ceramics" (Roxanna Brown).
Registration fee #125. Students $20. Contact: Malcolm Smith at the Field
Museum, Anthropology Department, Roosevelt at Lake Shore Drive, Chicago, IL
60605, FAX: (312) 427-7269, email:; website: