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captain crawdad's plate

updated wed 7 oct 98


Clennell on tue 6 oct 98

There are a few of us out there that have known Ron Roys work for a couple
of decades. Yes, I have been a fan for that length of time.
I do however, get sad at the number of messages he posts to Clayart helping
people with their floating blue or what not glaze. This means time NOT
spent doing what he does best- making plates and vases. I know his helping
people with glazes is a full time job.
I have booked two days with Ron in January to perfect my one ash glaze.
The ole crawdad asked me to bring along 200 test tiles. I have made them
already. I am used to doing what I am told by the elderly.
Perfection. When I look at pots that are perfect in form and design with a
perfectly fired to die for glaze I always think to myself- does that
craftsperson have perfectly manicured pubic hair? Do they attend to every
little detail. I'm sure all Clayarters think this way.
Will I be asked to show up at Rons studio with tweezers, scissors and a
full length mirror?
I don't think I'm ready to look at Ron, nor him, me!
See ya in Jan, man!

P.S I'm used to doing test kiln loads not test tiles. What's a ton of
wasters here and there?

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