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business advice please

updated sat 12 sep 98


clay&maxwell on fri 11 sep 98

I have been asked to teach handbuilding to some children and while I have
many ideas in terms of projects I am hesitating over what to charge. Does
$60 for 6 one hour lessons sound reasonable? I was thinking of doing 4
"building" lessons and 2 painting/glazing lessons. These would be
"private" lessons in that I will go to the person's home to teach and bring
the things back to my place for firing. (all materials included). Once I
have created some studio space I will be able to have the children come to
my place. ( Will I need any kind of special insurance or waivers?) I know
that local art centers charge a little less but I am concentrating on
"teaching" as well as having a "finished product" (ie. a more personal
touch). I am in Canada if that makes a difference!
thanks for the help
Deb Clay