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updated sun 4 oct 98


Joyce Lee on sat 3 oct 98

I'm sure you'll hear that we've just had a listing of such books and a
recommendation that you go the the archives. Good idea. However, in my
three years plus in clay now these are the books that helped me the most
and that I continue to thumb regularly. My meager salt/soda-firing
collection is growing, also, but so far Gordon Hutchen's tapes are the
best hands down. I could glaze and fire salt/soda today with these tapes
as my only reference. I'm enamored. I have many other very fine books
but these are the ones I turn to most often at this stage of my

Hopper's "The Ceramic Spectrum"
Steve Branfman's "Raku A Practical Approach"
"Out of the Earth into the Fire" by Obstler
Hamer's "The Potter's Dictionary"
"Sawdust Firing" by Karin Hessenberg
"The Craft of the Potter" by Michael Casson
"Contemporary Pottery Decoration" by John Gibson
"Claywork Form and Idea in Ceramic Design" by Leon Nigrosh
"Talking With The Clay The Art of Pueblo Pottery" by Trimble
"Southwestern Pottery Ansazi to Zuni" by Hayes and Blom

For inspiration and so I can understand Clayart intellectuals:
"The Unknown Craftsman" by Soetsu Yanagi

The Greatest Influence Overall:
"Warren MacKenzie An American Potter" by David Lewis (and the MacKenzie

Hopper's and Jepson's tapes are viewed so often by me that I feel I know
them personally.

You asked for books, but must mention that my exploding file of Clayart
"must keep by my side in the studio" posts are a constant resource.

In the Mojave anxious - too anxious- to unload my first firing since
early July...shinos (including cracked), blue celadon, and Hamada
Blue...only a few of each because I'm afraid that I've forgotten more
than I know...