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updated mon 26 apr 10


Michelle Lowe on mon 31 aug 98

I have to admit, when I bought this book, part of my reasons were to
support an online friend and fellow clayarter, by adding his book to my
collection. It was very pleasant to receive the book and realize what a
wonderful addition to my clay book library it is! I wanted to share my
reactions by sending my review to the list...

_Substitutions for raw ceramic materials_ by Edouard Bastarache

Being a potter who mixes glazes from scratch, I sometimes will go to make
up a recipe and realize that I'm missing one of the ingredients or don't
have quite enough. This book is an invaluable resource for such a
situation where quick re-stocking of chemicals is not always an option.
The book is arranged by chemical being substituted for, with variations in
the ingredients used as replacement. Messieur Bastarache has generously
shared many recipes, showing a sample substution for each variation.

Potters are known for sharing glaze recipes and in this age of electronic
communication, many recipes are being shared online far and wide around the
world. Some of the glaze ingredients are not available in all parts of the
world, without exhaustive shipping costs. With this book as resource,
potters in areas where some chemicals aren't common can easily substitue
and get similar results on their clay pieces.

The book is spiral bound with a good quality cover for convenience and ease
of use in the studio. I would like to commend Edouard and his research
cohorts for creating this wonderful reference.


Michelle Lowe, potter in the Phoenix desert \|/ | -O- | | /|\ | | |
____ | -\ /-----|-----
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Michelle Lowe, potter in the Phoenix desert \|/ | -O- | | /|\ | | |
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Michelle Lowe, potter in the Phoenix desert \|/ | -O- | | /|\ | | |
____ | -\ /-----|-----
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The Slack-DeBrock Family on sun 13 sep 98

I would like very much to locate the book by mr. Bastarache, and would
appreciate info on how to do that. Thanks!

Joan Slack-DeBrock/River Run Pottery
P.O.Box 95
McNaughton, WI 54543

Edouard Bastarache on mon 14 sep 98

Hello Joan,

my book (english version, i also made a french one being a french quebeker)
is for sale at different places:
1-on my website at the URL under my signature,all of the prices are in
canadian money;
2-on Charles Eissautier's website in France at;
(prices in US money);
3-on (prices in US money);
4-at Potters Shop(Steven Branfman, prices in US money);
5-at Tucker's Pottery Supplies in Richmond Hill,Ontario Canada (prices in
canadian money)


Edouard Bastarache

> De : The Slack-DeBrock Family
> Objet : Re: Book review
> Date : 13 septembre, 1998 20:18
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> I would like very much to locate the book by mr. Bastarache, and would
> appreciate info on how to do that. Thanks!
> Joan Slack-DeBrock/River Run Pottery
> P.O.Box 95
> McNaughton, WI 54543
> 715-277-2773

Barbara Brown on wed 12 may 99

Kristin Donner, ACGA newsletter editor, asked me to review a new book
called "an artist's guide to the CERAMIC MUSEUMS OF EUROPE" by Alexandra
Copeland of Australia. This is a great paperback book (light enough to
carry with you) that not only lists museums that have ceramics but also
gives you travel, hotel and restaurant tips. It opens with the history
of ceramics in Europe and takes each country alphabetically and lists
the must see museums and what ceramics they have in their collections.
She illustrates the book with line drawings of ceramics she saw in the
museums. There are 117 museums (she added Turkey and Morocco). You can
order it by calling 800-545-2005 for $13.95 plus $4 shipping or you can
order it online from amazon, barnes & noble or borders Barbara Brown
ps This is a must have book for those of us going to the Ceramic
Millennium in Amsterdam in July.

Barbara Brown phone/fax 408-736-3889
1225 Manzano Way,Sunnyvale,Ca. 94089

will edwards on mon 1 jan 01


I enjoyed the review. I also like the method of describing size for molec=
and all. A diamond could be used to describe the largest however. =

That way when you are talking to your girl you can always tell them you w=
give them the largest individual molecule ever and it can be any size. =

Alchemy - taking carbon and squishing it so tight that a diamond molecule=
split in half. Now we need an aventurine glaze at ^6 called Diamond Dust.=

William Edwards

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Steven Branfman on thu 28 mar 02

Original Message:
about avoiding the edition with the numerous errors . ...........>>

James and all,
As the copy for magazines are submitted well before the publication dates, my
review was written before the errors were discovered and well before Lark
books announced their replacement offer. Now this may seem like a silly way
for me to respond. After all "How can you write a review and not notice or
comment on errors in the text?" The fact is, as a reviewer I don't read every
technical book as a proof reader or as an editor would read the book. I read
for content, organization, writing style, visual appeal, my prediction as to
its effectiveness as a learning tool and its impact on the reader, etc., and
it is easy to miss the kind of errors that have been discovered in "The
Ceramic Glaze Handbook". I hope I will be allowed to live and to continue
writing reviews.

Incidentally, you will see my comment on this very subject in the next issue
of Clay Times!

Steven Branfman
The Potters Shop
31 Thorpe Rd.
Needham MA 02494, USA
781 449 7687
fax: 781 449 9098

mel jacobson on sun 25 apr 10

ms. hoskisson asked me to post this on clayart.

My Review

I had the opportunity yesterday to read Mel's new book
from cover to cover... I found it to be educational and
entertaining all in one great read! Having such a wealth
of information coming from so many different voices was
a delight.
I wanted immediately to call friends and say "get this book"
I think every classroom should use it as a great workbook and
for those of us who have been making pots its a terrific refresher
thanks Mel and friends! Great Job!

And, the video was just a huge bonus.

Cindy Hoskisson

from: minnetonka, mn
clayart link:
new book: