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black staining of crackle glaze

updated sat 5 dec 98


Candice Roeder on fri 4 dec 98


I'm considering using a white cone 6 crackle glaze I have, and would
like to accent the crackle w/black. I'd also like this to go into the
dishwasher or microwave without losing the black.

I'd use this on the lower third--on the outside of a functional piece.

I have a mason black 6600. Would I mix this with water, rub it into the
crackle (after the cone 6 firing) and refire to maybe cone 06? Would I
need to mix something to flux it, like gerstley, or a frit?

Are there any problems w/functionality of such a piece, considering this
portion of the decoration is for accent and does not come into contact
with food/beverage?

Any advise would be appreciated.


Candice Roeder