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big sale. results

updated wed 9 dec 98


Peggy Heer on tue 8 dec 98

Hi All...want to thank you all for your responses to my post and will get
to you individually SO0N. ;>}}}

My sale was a BIGGGGGYYYY......saw people that have not seen in yrs.,
students over the past 20 yrs or so came out, gallery owners came out with
checks for any work that had not been sold yet that I had on consignment in
their galleries, potters came out, friends and new customers/friends came
out, museum came out,news paper came out, I sold pots, I gave pots away, i
cut prices on pots for a few, several folks were fighting over one or two
pieces...friendly like..they worked it out, ;>}}}}, people were lined up at
my sales desk and my two older kids went full tilt for 2 days doing the
accounting, wrapping and packaging.... lots of energy was passed to me this
past weekend and I thank them all.
Now I must get back in the studio and make some more work.
My Inuit friend, Clark Harrison did very well too....3 of my galleries
picked up his work, my museum friend will set up a space for his work in
the Inuit section of the mus., several people ordered major carvings from
him, he will get his picture/story in the paper, and customers and friends
supported him with sales....It was GRAND weekend. I thank YOU allll for
being there.
Big pit fire party planned with friends to fire my remaining, ready to go,
21 pit pots. Dancing in the snow, wine will flow, pots will be fired and a
good time will be held soon.
As Always in Clay Peggy

PS...the ? about "what kind of pots you would make if"....was not for me
but for you all to think about..I know what kind of pots I am going to
make...they will be the same as I have always made. :>}}}}}}}

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