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articles from ceramics monthly

updated thu 14 jan 99


Bill and Sylvia Shirley on wed 13 jan 99

Hello again,

I stumbled across this interesting document search web site,

You can search for articles containing specific keywords, and limit the
search to Ceramics Monthly (or other publication), if you want to. It
gives you a list of articles that contain that keyword. When you select
one, it gives you more information about that article. There is a fee
for reading/saving/printing the articles, which is usually $1.00 per
article. If you agree to the fee, then you get the article on screen,
where you can print it, save it, or just read it. They give you five
free articles to try out the service, and if it turns out to be
something you didn't need, they refund your money.

The down side, is that they don't have every Ceramics Monthly article
ever printed (the ones I've seen have been post-1995), and they don't
seem to include photographs or illustrations. I don't know what it
would take to get more articles in their collection. Still, if they
happen to have what you need, it saves a trip to the college library, an
hour in the basement "stacks", and feeding the copier while trying to
get that darned thing to lay flat.

You might try it.

Sylvia Shirley