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updated sun 27 sep 98


FRANK GAYDOS on sat 26 sep 98

In keeping with the spirit of the upcoming Tile Conference I would like
to recommend the following new Tile book;

American Art Tile (1876-1941)
Norman Karlson
Rozzoli, New York
ISBN # 0-8478-2098-X
List $60.00 Hardback

Norman Karlson is a famous collector of tiles. He includes many rare
tiles among the 2000 presented, all in color. The tiles are arranged
geographically and chronologically, made by more than 100 american
potteries and manufacturers from the Civil War to the 1940s. The book
has 225 pages of information. If you are serious about knowing more
about American Art Tiles, then this book is for you.
Its a new book and not everyone has it in stock yet. I ordered mine from
Hacker Art Books.
Frank Gaydos
510 Gerritt St.
Philadelphia,Pa.19147-5821 USA