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art rooms longish

updated tue 5 jan 99


millie carpenter on mon 4 jan 99


Please, Please, Please fight for a decent work area. I teach in a high
school where we are not only in the interior of a totally windowless
building but some lunatic archetect made the art area trapazoidal so
that it is broken up into 9 triangular and L shaped areas with storage
areas (halls really) and movable wall dividing this mess into areas that
are small, choppy,and have lots of blind spots. we don't have a lot of
buliton boards, you can't stick pins into cinder block or the movable
walls. due to the fact that our area draws from two public housing
projects with a lot of transients and an army base with a lot of
transiants, we don't have a lot of parental support, (fund raisings is
not too viable there) so what little money we have must be spent on
replacing things that the kids destroy on a daily basis. our display
space is not seen by any one because it is between our faculty work room
and the class room space.

The elementary school that my own children went to did have the art and
music rooms next to the lunchroom/gym at the front of the building. and
they both were two rectangular rooms with movable walls to make two
square rooms. the storage closets were at both ends. the rooms could
be set up for two teachers to teach different classes or opened when the
kids needed extra space to paint sets for the school plays. the tables
were all foldable and on wheels so that areas could be set up for what
ever the projects were or totally moved out of the way if you needed
floor space. this was an open space school originally, and even though
that can be a problem it worked well for art and music.

Millie in Md where we had sleet yesterday and 50 degrees today.