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art fair comments and mexican potters

updated tue 11 aug 98


Robert C. Rank on mon 10 aug 98

I just spent a week a,t Idyllwild here in California with 2 Mata Ortiz
potters Cesar Dominguez and Gabriella his wife and their 2 sons. They
spoke no english I spoke no espanol, but sure wished I had. We had a
translator for words but much communication was just done through feeling.
Wonderful people. Everyone made 3 pots or so and with the help of their
painting, with a human hair brush which proved impossible for the novice to
handle, we all came out with spectacular pieces to take home. I am an avid
handbuilder. Their clay is much like soft paste porcelain and my comment at
the end was "mucho trabajo". If anyone is interested in a copy of what I
video-taped send me a VHS tape and I will attempt to record it.
Lynn Rank, 34323 Tollhouse Road, Auberry, CA 93602
Lynn in suuuuunnnnnny ca

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the luckiest day of my life was the second uptown art fair in
a sorta dorkie guy came up to me, said `hey are you mexican?`............i
said `no,
i am norwegian (well sorta`).............then he said `hey, did you make
this crap?`, and i said
`yes i did`, he said, `you must be mexican, because mexicans make this
i said `go screw yourself`.(actually it was a more military
expression)..........packed up my pots, went home, and never
went to an art fair again..............started my professional career, sold
all my pots
out of my studio, and have been a gloriously happy man ever since.
keep a computer list of 1000 names, have shows off my back
wine and to wonderful clients, take orders, make
see great friends... and not one person has asked me `are you
i would answer now.........`god, i would be proud to make pots like a `mata
ortiz, mexican`.
perhaps the finest potters in the world. (and perhaps the kindest and
gentlest potters i have ever met)
thanks elanora for reminding me how happy i am.