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american ceramics magazine

updated wed 2 sep 98


Veena Raghavan on sun 30 aug 98

For Cynthia Spencer

Cynthia, I too am a subscriber to Amnerican Ceramics Magazine. I took out a
one-year subscription early this year, and the first of the four issues
just did not come for ages. I called and apparently they had printing
problems, hence the delay. The issue finally did arrive, I can't remember
when, but it was Volume 12 No. 4.
I called again the other day to find out what had happened to the next
issue and was told it should arrive in mid-September. Judging from the
past, it will probably be later. Just thought I would let you know. Their
telephone number is: (212) 661-4397. Fax (212) 661-2389. It's a great
magazine and I am sure you will enjoy it. Hope you can sort things out with
them. They are very pleasant and helpful.

Cynthia Spencer on tue 1 sep 98

Thanks to all who emailed me regarding this magazine.
Everyone who responded said the last issue they got was 12/4 (the last
issue for 1997), no matter when their subscription started! Several
people reported not getting copies for over a year; other reported only
getting three copies per year for this quarterly for a long time.

I don't know about the rest of you, I think this is a bit shoddy. I'm
sure the many galleries and artists who advertise in this swanky mag are
paying big bucks for their ads to get to us readers in a timely manner,
so we can possibly visit the shows they are promoting. It is a beatiful
mag, and one of the few to offer much needed art criticism for ceramics.
I have supported it with my subscription dollars, but I would certainly
like to get my issues for more than just archival purposes. Let's all
call their number and bitch! (212) 661-4397. Fax (212) 661-2389

Cynthia Spencer