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1952 underglazes/ stains: hold the phone

updated sun 6 dec 98


Reid Harvey on sat 5 dec 98

I received the following from Donovan Palmquist and I've got to confess
I should have spotted sooner a small problem with the Ceramic Industry
underglazes/ stains.

Reid Harvey,

Donovan Palmquist wrote:
I believe that the recipes given for stains/underglazes are not meant to
used directly as stains or underglazes. These recipes need to be mixed,
calcined or fired to a certain temp. and ground before they can be used
a colorant. If one were to add these mixtures to a glaze as listed they
would not give the effect of a stain in a glaze.

Donovan Palmquist

Normally, materials like borax, a standard frit material, are put into
useful form (ie. as a frit) in the way Donovan has said. Also, some of
the materials are specified as calcined. For several recipes, though,
this treatment may not be needed. I'm going to look again.

Reid Harvey