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^6 transparent matt glaze

updated wed 16 dec 98


michael snyder on tue 15 dec 98

Michele- I have was having the same problem finding a ^6 matt glaze that
didn't mess with underglazes. Here are a few to try:
Dixon Satin ^5-6 Revised
G.B. 16.86
Custer 47.8
EPK 55.2
Dolomite 27.6
Whiting 53.5
Flint 102.8
needs to be put in 100% formula, sorry about that. tested this, great
surface. alittle frosty over underglazes. glaze can be tempermental, needs
even application. Great with colorants added to it.
is a great web page for cone 6 matte glaze.

also, was sent this glaze formula about a month ago on clayart, haven't tested
Matt Clear =5E6
G.B. 47
EPK 20
Silica 27
Alumina Hydrate 6.0

some advice with cone 6 matte glazes. I try to stay away from glazes with
mag. carb. or just alittle. This ingredient and I just don't have any luck.
It gives a great surface but, crawling crawling if you don't apply
correctly. Good Luck!
Cyndi Gehr
Bak!Bak!goblet lady.
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